Marilores is an American surreal horror animated series created by Maria Dolores349 on Nickelodeon.

Marilores created by Maria Dolores349

Plot Edit

A ghost of a naive woman named Marilores Lopez who works at a cursed botanica called San Maria Dolores inhabited by whimsical spirits of the former workers who died.While on Santa Dolores,CA, Marilores makes many new friends, some of which include Pedro (a tan skinned, shapeshifting aztec like creature who resembles Carmelo Rodriguez), Fernando Teniente (an sane human who got himself or others into supernatural situations), and a ghost girl named Eileen who becomes Marilores' new worker.Unfortunately, an fiery tempered man named Julius Rodriguez is super mad that Marilores is welcomed.

Episodes Edit

  1. Marilores(pilot)/Party Down
  2. Fed Up/Employee of the Month
  3. Pets Peeved/Pulp Friction
  4. Potty Mouth/L Is for Love
  5. Relative Chaos
  6. Out of the Picture/Room with a Feud
  7. Back Out There/Spell It Out

Production Edit

Nika Futterman, Grey Griffin and Sam Marin reunited for the series, but only Sumalee Monatano voices as a cat hat wearing ghost woman named Marilores and none of the other Maricruz characters appeared.

Voice cast Edit

  • Sumalee Monatano as Marilores
  • Sam Marin as Fernando
  • John DiMaggio as Pedro
  • Minty Lewis as Eileen
  • Carlos Alarazqui as Julius

Trivia Edit

  • Marilores's new friends in the series are counterparts of her ones from Dulce Harbor.
  • Fernando is Chucho Reyes's counterpart.
  • Pedro is Carmelo Rodriguez's counterpart.