Party Down is the 1st episode in Marilores(tv series).

Plot Edit

Fernando Teniente throws a sophisticated party, but it backfires when his guests do not like what he has planned.

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Trivia Edit

  • Eric Acosta, the writer of this episode, is well known for being one of the staff writers for the acclaimed animated Adult Swim series Rick and Morty.

References Edit

  • Party Down - The title is likely a reference to the phrase "party on", or the 2009-2010 TV series of the same name.
  • Big Bang Theory- Chica/Magdalena said "Bazing" at the end of a joke in the episode, which is possibly a reference to Dr. Sheldon Cooper's catchphrase

"Bazinga" which is used in a similar context.

  • SpongeBob SquarePants - The episode's plot is very similar to "Party Pooper Pants", a 22 minute special of the popular Nickelodeon show.
  • Thriller - The dance Charro play to resembles the zombie dance.
  • We Bare Bears- The party Fernando made that was sophisticated and mature and eventually became carefree and exciting is similar to the party the Bears made in

the episode "My Clique".